Ignite Me by Tehereh Mafi

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Rate: 4/5

Medium: Kindle

Overview (No Spoilers):

My blog post and subsequent love for Ignite Me, follows through from my previous post for Unravel Me, as a result of reading the two books back to back. The character development that I touted and thoroughly enjoyed in the second book in the trilogy continued to grow in this final novel. Believe it or not, Adam continued to be even more unbearable, while Warner become increasingly dreamier (as I wrote the previous sentence I had to chuckle at my 30 year old self). Most importantly, Juliette continued her growth into a strong female character that was both aware of and worked to conquer her weaknesses. She has grown so much in personality from when we first glimpsed the broken girl in her tiny cell. Overall, I very much enjoyed the Shatter Me series, especially this final segment, however I wish there had been a more conclusive ending. I hadn’t realized the series was a trilogy, thus after finishing Ignite Me I rushed out to get the next books, but alas, they were companion novels leaving me in a book hangover for several days! Regardless, this series is well worth a read as long as you keep in mind the first book is less than satisfactory.

Additional Insight (May Contain Spoilers):

  • After some reflection the existing ending was awesome, however left the fate of these rebels was left wide open. What will happen after the main government comes calling? Will they survive?
  • Adam continued to show his emotionally/borderline physically abusive behaviors. He is so unhealthy and in the end when Warner wants to embrace him as a brother I became so frustrated that his previous behavior was just erased. He needs anger management!
  • Why were they not pushing James to learn his healing skills or project them?
  • I felt really bad for the ‘mutant’ that Warner’s Father found that could make sound waves! Little did he know he was fighting against his own kind! How many others exist?



  1. I loved this series too, and I think Tahereh was just so masterful the way she made it so that we were all completely in love with Warner in the end haha! But yeah I do wish there was at least one more book or maybe a novella to finish out the series really definitively.

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  2. Have you been reading the novellas that were in between books in the series? Not sure if I’ll read the series, but if I do, I wanted to know if they were worth the extra cost

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  3. I liked the novellas because it gives a lot of insight into Adam’s and Warner’s points of view. It’s refreshing to see how other people view things without Juliette’s analysis. I found this especially true with Adam’s point of view, where I feel you truly begin to see the breakdown of his character without Juliette’s idealism clouding his characterization. That being said, they are VERY short. I don’t regret purchasing them though.

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