The Dinosaur Knights by Victor Milan

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Rate: 4/5

Medium: Book

Overview (No Spoilers):

Back in May when I was reading Milan’s first book in this series, The Dinosaur Lords, I had lamented that through the first half of the story it felt as though I had found myself mid series in a complex world, in which I didn’t know enough of the finer details to fully immerse as a reader. Regardless, this grievance was alleviated by the end of this inaugural book in the series, resulting in an eager and curious anticipation for the release of the follow-up novel, The Dinosaur Knights. Having the detailed world and characters thoroughly established, Milan progressed the storyline at a furious pace that keeps the reader’s rapt attention. As in comparison to A Song of Ice and Fire, the battles are intense, meticulous affairs that keep the reader in a perpetual state that is most aptly termed as ‘edge-of-your seat,’ especially knowing that no character is safe from potentially brutal death. Overall, The Dinosaur Knights was a highly entertaining follow up novel, in which dinosaurs, mystic beings, knights and gory battles are all delightfully weaved together.

Additional Insight (May Contain Spoilers):

  1. Karyl and Shiraa’s reunion was everything and more I wanted it to be! Tears were to be had by all! SHIRAAAAAA!
  2. I loved the growth and depth of the Princess Melodia as the story progressed. She grew from a sheltered, naïve, pampered princess despite being trained in arms and war strategy, into the beloved ‘Short Haired Horse Captain.’ There were definitely growing pains with her character development both from her perspective and the readers but she is now one of my favorite characters.
  3. Where will the story go from here? I’m guessing new Grey Angels will come into play, however will a new bigger evil eclipse their threat? Who is guiding them if they have strayed from their path. Will Karyl ever be allowed to die? What will his next challenge be now that Shiraa is back?
  4. I’m probably the most torn regarding the character of Lord Falk von Hornberg. Obviously he had done some terrible, evil and unforgivable acts however I feel as though he wishes he could be honorable and good. Perhaps if he can break away from his conniving mother and her minion he can find someway to redeem himself, however who knows what political games and ensuing troubles will occur now that his mother will be introduced in the next book.
  5. The fate of the Garden of Truth and Beauty was surprising to say the least. I was so preoccupied thinking about the royal army and surrounding skirmishes threatening the Garden that I was completely blindsided by the Grey Angel’s graphic and shocking revealing. The fate of Bogardus was another fall from grace and subsequent death that was incredibly hard to read.
  6. The death of Pilar was heartbreaking! Her character had bloomed in this second book and she had opened the door to so many additional questions regarding Rob, who had not seemed to contain many mysteries. He told story after story, seemingly perpetrating an open book, but alas that was all a front. What is so special about where he comes from that it has its own language? How did Pilar know it? What does Rob’s name mean? As Pilar was going to her death she told the Princess the Fae had sent her to protect Melodia. What did that mean? Are we going to meet the Fae? Maybe I’m confused and the Fae and Grey angels are from the same cloth, but I don’t think so.
  7. The battle scenes are detailed, brutal, and insanely complex. Milan does an excellent job taking the reader beyond the basic strategy of the battle, to the horror, and desperate fighting as glimpsed from each of the characters perspectives. The result is an often painful reading process as your favorite characters are all facing almost certain, painful, and terrifying deaths.
  8. PS. I want to see someone bring a Titan into battle! Will Shiraa get her revenge on Snowflake?



  1. Sounds like an interesting series. I hadn’t heard of this before. Sometimes books do get off to a rough start, just dropping you in the middle of a strange new world rather than easing you in to it. Still, I’d say Frnak Herbert did a good job with Dune, so it is possible.

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