A Wizard’s Forge by A.M. Justice


Rate: 3.5/5

Medium: Kindle Book

Overview (No Spoilers):  Though I read A Wizard’s Forge almost two weeks ago I have struggled writing this review despite thoroughly enjoying reading the majority of this book. Justice weaves a tale in which a highly intelligent young girl, Vic is suddenly ripped from the world that she knows just as she reaches her life long goal of becoming a Logkeeper, whereupon she finds herself a slave who is sold to Lornk. While she continues on to do amazing things and the story takes many twists and turns, throughout it is the reminder of the abuse received at the hands of Lornk, which remains a theme and impacts the characters throughout the remainder of this adventure. As a reader, the scenes with Lornk and Vic were difficult, if not painful to read, however, I do have to applaud Justice for writing about a subject that is often neglected, glossed over, or the repercussions overcome with minimal struggle in literature. Eventually, the storyline becomes one of revenge that seems to drag on without an immediate goal, challenging the patience of the reader. Overall, Justice created a unique and intriguing new literary world in A Wizard’s Forge that is filled with strong characters who continue to grow and evolve throughout the story. Readers will find themselves quickly drawn into the mystery surrounding this realm, which includes myths of space travel, magic, and strange creatures. Be forewarned, A Wizard’s Forge contains content and strong themes involving torture, sexual and psychological abuse, and although these scenes are tastefully detailed, they are still challenging to read.

Additional Insight (Spoilers Abound):

  • I find it interesting that the community Vic grew up in believed that they were descendants from a race of advanced people that can space travel, who became stuck on earth. Part of her job as a Logkeeper, she memorized the logs preserved from the time of the technologically advanced maroonment. When Vic befriends Earnk, he shows her his father’s collection of original logs. However, outside of her rural community, the world does not believe in the literal truth of the logs, instead views her beliefs as a heretical religion. While this story line fell aside as Vic became the Blade and started her rescue mission I believe later books might call for a visit by this advanced race.
  • If the story is as simple as an advanced race was marooned on an unexplored planet, where did the magic come from? Or the crazy ant like creatures, the Kragnashians.
  • Throughout this book I was rooting for Ashel and Vic to become a couple, however by the end of the story I realize that Ashel will probably be a Chaol in the Throne of Glass series. Initially, the two characters were well matched but by the end of the story Vic has outgrown him. However, now that he has slightly merged with Geram will he grow as a character?
  • How does this new power work and what will Vic be able to accomplish with it? What does it mean that Vic is the chosen one that everyone has been waiting for?
  • Geram was by far my favorite character! He was a calming presence to Vic’s tempest. When Ashel and Geram melded into one it was such a unique concept for the situation, however poor Geram’s resulting torture was painful to read.
  • What role does Ashel’s mother, Elekia play? Whose side is she on? Did she kill her husband? What is the history between her and Lornk? Did she set up Vic in the desert? Was Ashel really Lornk’s son? If so, how could Lornk destroy Ashel’s hands? It really solidified his character as evil in the storyline.
  • What will happen to Lornk’s son, Earnk?
  • When will the Samson, from Vic’s village show up again?
  • How will they overthrow Silnauer of the Minstrels Guildhouse?
  • I couldn’t believe Vic abandoned Wineyll, especially knowing her unique power and knowing what she herself had endured at Lornk’s hands.



  1. Ohhhhh~ I’ve never heard of this book before but it sounds pretty good :3 I’ll have to add it to my TBR! I’m not sure how I’d feel about it since it deals with sexual and psychological abuse though :/ maybe I’ll still give it a try.

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