Crystal Storm by Morgan Rhodes


Rate: 4.5/5

Medium: Book

Overview (No Spoilers): Upon finishing the preceding novel, Frozen Tides, I was left rather let down and disappointed in a book that is a part of my favorite young adult series. My major complaint centered on the overwhelming feeling that my near and dear characters were just pawns moving around the board, preparing for the next big novel. Due to the residual feeling left over from reading Frozen Tides, my expectations for Crystal Storm were mediocre at best. With that being said, I couldn’t put down Crystal Storm, which hooked me right from the onset. It was refreshing to step back into a world I thoroughly enjoy, picking up with the characters immediately following the cliffhangers of the previous novel. While Cleo and Magnus’ interactions could best be described as frustrating, the remainder of the cast more than made up for the star crossed lovers growing pains. We learn more about the Watchers, the King of Blood, and read with entertainment as many of the characters are forced to interact in ways previously unimaginable. Overall, Crystal Storm was a delightful continuation of the Falling Kingdoms series that will leave the reader eagerly anticipating the following book as a result of several incredibly suspenseful cliffhangers.

Additional Insight (Spoilers Abound):

  • What about the apple that Lucia ate caused her pregnancy to proceed at such a fast rate? Was that Jonas’ fate to save Lucia or will they interact more? Will Lucia’s power return now that she has had her baby? I hated how mean Lucia was being to Jonas or really in general. She kept talking about how remorseful and blind she had been but she kept reverting to this mean state. What happened to nice Lucia? I loved that she visited the Sanctuary! It was interesting to get a glimpse at the inner workings of the immortals.
  • Did the King of Blood have the bloodstone with him in the pit? I liked his mother’s character but she was so evil? Is he still technically ‘dead’ and living on borrowed time with the stone? I felt like he had broken through the potion he took but then he kept reverting to being evil. I couldn’t figure out his character.
  • Seriously. Cleo and Magnus were beyond frustrating. I still don’t see how they are ‘in love.’ Regardless, one moment Cleo was claiming she had kept a piece of her heart form Magnus. Then she claims she didn’t in the pit. Which is it? Also, what is with all of the foreshadowing about the two needing to choose? Why do they need to choose between power and each other? This story line was the only drag of the book.
  • So Cleo and Theon’s twin now have part of the Kindred in them! What will this mean? How will this play out! Is Nic forever gone? PS: Was I the only person that has found Nic excessively annoying and was a bit relieved when we thought he had perished. Who is the phoenix? How did Ashur return from the dead and will there be further repercussions? Who died to bring Amara back?
  • Also, I initially hated the Taran storyline, however upon his conversation with Magnus his character revealed a depth that was previously lacking. Go Taran!
  • How did Selia trap Olivia? Poor Milo! I really liked his side little character and his death didn’t seem equivalent to his loyalty.



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