The Daylight War by Peter V. Brett


Rate: 5/5

Medium: Kindle

Overview (No Spoilers): A tell tale sign of a great book/series is when the subject matter finds its way into your subconscious, as such, let it be known I’ve been warding everything in my dreams for weeks now. The third book in The Demon Cycle series, The Daylight War fails to let off any steam as this series continues to get better and better with every subsequent book. In this third installment, the reader is introduced to the fascinating new point of view (POV) of Inevera, Jardir’s first wife and the key reason he is in the position of power that he currently holds. In previous books, Inevera’s mysterious character is viewed through the suspicious eyes of Jardir who becomes embittered toward her due to the control her fortune telling dice hold over his life, as well as, a key betrayal. Her chapters quickly become some of my favorite due to the revisiting of several important events viewed through her eyes, as such changing our perspective/feeling toward the said event. Quickly, any grievance I had associated with her character grew into understanding and in some cases sympathy. Another noteworthy aspect of Inevera’s chapters include an in depth look behind the veil of secrecy surrounding the dama’ting. Aside from this exciting POV, we see other familiar characters continue to grow and develop in new and surprising ways, e.g., Gared, Rojer, Renna, Arlen and Leesha. Amanvah, Inevera’s daughter quickly becomes another intriguingly complex character as she struggles to resolve the only world she has known within the confines of her family with that of the outside world. Throughout the book, all of the characters expand and test the limits of their unique gifts and powers as the nights of Waning draw close, whereupon they must fight for their lives against demon hordes like they’ve never before encountered. Overall, Brett hasn’t taken his foot off the gas in The Demon Cycle series with each book continually building and adding in complexity to the foundations laid by the preceding novels. This series is an absolute must read for any book lover that places special emphasis on world building and mind boggling levels of detail.

Additional Insight (Spoilers Abound):

  • What special abilities will Sikvah come to have that Enkido trained her for? If push comes to shove who will Amanvah and Sikvah choose? Rojer/Arlen or Jardir?
  • I’m enjoying the different ways that people, especially Leesha, are brainstorming ways to use warding. In the beginning of The Daylight War it is mentioned that Inevera (Kaji’s first wife) sewed the first Cloak of Unsight and that she will come again to find the new Deliverer. Is Leesha Inevera reborn?
  • When Inevera roles her dice regarding Abban and reads that his and the Deliverer’s fates are intertwined and to harm one harms the other she reads it as though the dice refer to Jardir. What if they were actually referring to Arlen?
  • What is Abban planning with his fortress? What is he planning with the electrum? What happens when Jardir reads his mind?
  • I loved that Leesha is pregnant but hated that she was going to try to pass the baby off as someone else’s other than Jardir, especially when she briefly considered Gared. It seems very out of character for her to be so deceptive.
  • Alongside new characters being introduced, Brett does a wonderful job filling out and adding depth to existing characters that are now easily fan favorites, e.g., Wonda.
  • I can’t believe Leesha was intimidated by Renna upon their first meeting. Of all of the characters in the book I have the hardest time connecting with Renna due to her out of control emotions and actions. I understand somewhat that Arlen finds grounding with Renna, however Leesha would have done all of the exact same things that Renna did, e.g., warding, demon flesh, but respected Arlen enough to obey his wishes. Personally, I felt as though it was a severely bad relationship choice for Arlen to rush into marriage with Renna. I guess we will see how it works out.
  • With that being said, Renna and Leesha’s wedding celebration was a highly entertaining interlude before the intense battles that followed.  It saw Krasian people engaging in the customs of the Hollow in ways previously forbidden.
  • I absolutely loved when Jardir met Inevera’s family! It truly showcased his ability as a ‘unifier’ as he helped her family heal from a seemingly irreparable wound.  He also is growing as a unifer, thanks to Leesha, in ways outside of his cultural norms. Key examples include is treatment of Abban, the chinkhaffit and women.
  • Arlen and Jardir are developing so many of the same powers, especially the mind reading that is the most recent development! Perhaps there can be two Deliverers. I have a sneaky suspicion that Arlen has more in mind for Jardir than the battle cliffhanger that left the reader in so much suspense.


      • Oh, my gosh, yes. I didn’t want to say anything to spoil it for you, but The Skull Throne is definitely the weakest link in the series. I felt like the balance wasn’t right between the number of familiar POV characters (eg, Roger, Leesha) and all the new characters with whom we had no history. But I won’t comment further until you post your review of that one! 🙂

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  1. It’s funny how from seeing things through other’s perspectives how we don’t find as much fault from their actions. I love how he goes back over and over to get us more perspective from everyone’s viewpoints on the story.

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  2. I’ve not read this series, but sounds a little like Alan Dean Foster’s Flinx series (to show my age). I’ve been reading almost exclusively literary fiction for the past twenty odd years; reckon I might pick up the odd science fiction/fantasy to see where the genre has gone. I used to really enjoy it.

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