DIY – Antique Windows as Seating Charts and Menus


Signs are everywhere at weddings. As such, when it came to wedding planning there were a multitude of ideas to choose from. Particularly popular at the time were chalkboard signs, and I was toying with going that route, however remember I was trying to cut all corners possible regarding cost. Upon recalling that my parent’s old farm contained a ton of old windows in stored in one of the barns I’d decided to go investigate to see what treasure I might be able to find. After much elbow grease, a whole bottle Windex, and roll of paper towels, I found my solution.  However, my next problem found root in my awful hand writing! How could my left handed scribble be translated into into something legible for my guests to be able to decipher? Check out my EASY solution below!


Project Level: Easy

Time Commitment: Dependent upon the quantity of text, however I did all four windows in one evening.

Cost: $2.79


  • Fine Black Paint Pen: $2.79
  • Windows
  • Double-sided Scotch Tape
  • Printout Template of Design to be Traced


  1. Thoroughly clean all sides of window.
  2. Design and print off desired text in required font and size.  I used a typical Word file to design my templates.  I had to print off several iterations of the menu to get the size perfect.
  3. Tape the sheets of paper to the back side of the window.
  4. Turn window over so the exposed glass panes are facing you and the text can easily be read through the glass.
  5. Prime the paint pen and simply trace the text onto the window pane using the template to guide you.
  6. Have a razor handy. If mistakes are made don’t panic because the razor can easily clean off any excess paint allowing you to start anew.
  7. Allow to dry over night and peel off the taped paper. Enjoy your classic and most important, legible, signs!




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