Einstein by Walter Isaacson

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Rate: 3/5

Medium: Audiobook

Overview (No Spoilers):  Many months ago now, I found myself captivated by the trailer for National Geographic’s new TV show regarding Einstein’s life. Needless to say, I was delighted to find out this show was based on a book by an author whose previous work I’d thoroughly enjoyed, The Innovators. Einstein was a quirky, fascinating man who revolutionized scientific concepts, that in colloquial terms, were old news. Many of his breakthroughs were focused upon reimagining concepts that science had already deemed understood. As someone who has recently been experiencing, exploring, and navigating the job market, I had nothing but sympathy and perhaps added understanding to my own situation with regard to the woes of Einstein’s own job hunting. When he did finally obtain employment, it was not in a coveted professorship, but in a patent office. While at the time he viewed it as less than ideal, the end result afforded him opportunities to formulate his thoughts in a manner that he might have otherwise have missed. In general, I enjoyed the humanizing of Einstein, the brilliant genius, who was indeed a mortal human with his own flaws. From his scientific work and romantic relationships, to his humanitarian and outspoken political views. Einstein’s life was a wonderful reminder that real life legends and heroes from the past were at one point ‘normal’ men and women. Who will be our next Washington, Hamilton, Jefferson, Jobs, or Einstein?



    • Hello my friend! 3/5 on my scale means that I liked it but it didn’t completely love the book. I have a hard time capturing in words but sometimes it felt as though parts of Einstein’s life were glossed over. I still would highly recommend reading it. Have you read Einstein?


      • I assume that by ‘have you read Einstein ?’, you mean have I read this book rather than I have Einstein’s Theory of General Relativity for exampe !! 😉 [Sorry I’ being a bit pedantic here ]

        The answer is not yet, but I’ll add it to by ever growing list of books to read !

        The Science Geek

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  1. I love reading biographies. I’m not sure how well I would do with listening to them as an audiobook, but this definitely sounds like a biography I need to pick up! Great review!

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  2. Hi,
    Great review, thanks for sharing it. If you don’t mind me asking, where did you get a review copy? I might be willing to read/listen to this book too. 🙂 Thanks for your time. Have a great day!

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  3. I started this book several years ago. I may pick it up at some point and finish it. Thanks for the review Sarah!
    Have a great week!



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