Tower of Dawn by Sarah J. Maas

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Rate: 4.5/5

Medium: Book

Overview (No Spoilers):

As an ardent fan of the literary ream created by Maas in the Throne of Glass series, I have been eagerly looking forward to the next installment, especially after the cliffhanger bestowed by Empire of Storms. My excitement was slightly stymied upon finding out that Tower of Dawn would be centered upon the adventures of Chaol and Nesryn in the southern continent of Antica. I knew I would likely be enamored with the continued world building, as the reader is introduced to a new realm with its own unique culture and rulers, however I felt hesitation due to the storyline following one of my least favorite characters. Throughout this series I’d routinely been frustrated with Chaol’s character development, often finding him close-minded, sulky, and petulant, which contrasted harshly with the evolving and maturing personas of the other characters. With that being said, I should never have doubted Maas as she weaved a fascinating new kingdom with its own unique quirks and history that pushed Chaol and Nesryn in unforeseen directions. The introduction of intriguing new characters, such as Yrene Towers, Sartaq, Kashin, Hasar and Falkan Ennar developed the story beyond the initial rigid confines of healing Chaol and gaining aid in the war against Duke Perrington (Erawan). Also, what book lover doesn’t enjoy a breathtaking library dominating several important scenes! The Parvani Library found in the Torre Cesme, home to the healers, sounds absolutely beautiful with being filled by mysterious cats and a cantankerous librarian. As the tale progresses, besides developing the aforementioned new characters, we see Chaol’s depth and personality significantly cultivated in ways that had previously been neglected. As he struggles with Yrene to heal his physical wounds, he has to wrestle, come to terms with and attempt to forgive all of the grudges, particularly against himself, that he has been harboring since his introduction in Throne of Glass. Additionally, we see Nesryn emerge from Chaol’s shadow and into her own right, as she explores her homeland. Overall, Tower of Dawn was a wonderful continuation of the Throne of Glass series with Maas continuing to add delightful new characters, evolve familiar ones and ever widening this literary realm we are already enamored with.

Additional Insight (Spoilers Abound):

  • Honestly, I can’t believe my opinion regarding Chaol has changed this much in the span of one book.  Bravo Maas! I loved that he finally has forgiven himself for the past as well as his other grudges.  I really liked the romance between Yrene and Chaol, especially with the added plot twist toward the end regarding the ‘deal’ she had to make to Silba.
  • My favorite romance of the Tower of Dawn was Nesryn and Sartaq.  I thoroughly enjoyed their scenes together among the Eridun clan of the Rukhin, especially the flying. I was happy to see Nesryn finally become her own standalone character.
  • Another favorite new character is Falkan Ennar who we were first heard his story through Manon Blackbeak in Heir of Fire.  While he has shape shifting ability, we learn only as he is likely headed to his death that he is likely Lysandra’s uncle. I can’t wait for their reunion.
  • I had guessed that Sartaq, Kashin, and Hasar’s mother was likely the Valg’s control. Alas, it was the second most inconspicuous character, the pregnant Duva.
  • Carrying precious documents filled with wyrdmarks that only Aelin can decipher, what will happen when Chaol and team (massive army and navy of Antica) catch up with her.  We know that Lysandra is posing as the Queen with our feisty heroine being captured by Mauve, who we know now is actually the Queen of the Valg.  Will Lysandra be able to keep up the disguise? Can Rowan read wyrdmarks? I honestly can’t remember from the other books, however from Googling I don’t believe so.
  • So Mauve is the Queen of the Valg. I feel like I need to reread the series with that key piece of knowledge in place to see if there was a hint of it before.  I can’t wait for Rowan and other Fae to obtain that piece of knowledge.

Vocabulary Builder:

Sundered: to break apart or in two; to become parted

Beryl: a mineral consisting of a silicate of beryllium and aluminum of great hardness that occurs in colorless hexagonal prisms when pure and in various colors (such as green, blue, yellow, or pink) when not pure, that is valued as a source of gems, and that is the principal source of beryllium

Sentience: feeling or sensation as distinguished from perception and thought

Sibilantly: having, containing, or producing the sound of or a sound resembling that of the s or the sh in sash

Saccharine: overly or sickishly sweet; ingratiatingly or affectedly agreeable or friendly

Beleaguered: suffering or being subjected to constant or repeated trouble or harassment



  1. Oh my goodness, I wanted to read Throne of Glass, but I couldn’t since I was busy, but thinking about reading it so I can read this book! >_< Or would you say I can skip the first and read the second? 😉

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