The Girls by Emma Cline

Rate: 5/5

Medium: Audiobook

Overview (No Spoilers): Despite seeing much of the blogging world review The Girls since its  release earlier this year, I’d had little interest in reading this mind bending novel as I’d been preoccupied by quite the science fiction kick.  Finding this audiobook available at my local library, I rather reluctantly added it to my queue. However once I started listening I was hooked on a level that I’ve rarely achieved with an audiobook.  Listening on my long drive to work and all day while I was prepping for a long experiment, I ended up finishing The Girls within twenty four hours of starting it. In her debut novel, Cline eloquently weaves a narrative that almost painfully transported the reader back to the insecurities of youth.  As a whole, Cline’s writing style was beautiful, even when detailing uncomfortable, traumatic scenes, ultimately able to capture and bring to life the most minute of details.  I found myself pondering the unique way that Cline must view the world to grasp and attach value to subtle of gestures that the average eye take for granted. I struggle to recall another adult novel that was able to so completely convey the harrowing emotional struggles that engulf our teenage years.  Overall, The Girls is a testament as to why you should occasionally read outside of your go to genres as you never know what thought provoking, delightful stories you will encounter.

Additional Insight (Spoilers Abound):

  • How did Evie’s name never come to light in the media or research?
  • What happened to the Mitch in the aftermath of the murders?
  • Did Frank ever leave his wife for Evie’s mom?
  • Did Tom ever figure out that the Ranch was the source of the murders?
  • How closely did Cline follow the Charles Manson story?
  • Did Evie ever see Connie again? What did she do summers back with her mom or dad for the rest of high school? Did Peter ever come home? What happened to him?
  • Does Suzanne ever think about Evie?
  • What happened to Tamar or Evie’s father after they broke up?
  • What happens to the kids from the Ranch?
  • I definitely need to read a happy book after The Girls!



  1. I absolutely LOVED this book; I flagged so many passages as I read. Although I can’t relate to the unsupervised childhood/cult membership part of the book, I felt like Cline really captured so many emotional truths of what it means to grow into young womanhood,

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