The Dragon Reborn by Robert Jordan

Rate: 5/5

Medium: Audiobook

Overview (No Spoilers):

I find myself thoroughly enjoying Jordan’s fantastical realm as I continue on this Wheel of Time adventure. Thankfully in this third book in the series, we veer away from Rand, who has been the one of the main focal points thus far, however has fallen into an exceedingly tiresome, whiny state of denial as to his destiny. Instead we are treated to perspectives from other main characters, specifically Mat who had yet to come into their own light. Up until this point in the story, Mat had been preoccupied by another troublesome one dimensional, yet wholly consuming concern, allowing him to exist within the periphery of the main story while still being a key character. In The Dragon Reborn we begin to see the inner workings of his mind and find his character growing exponentially in depth as he embraces ta’veren unlike his two friends that fight it tooth and nail. Additionally, as this tale progresses we learn more and more about both Perrin’s fight to keep some semblance of humanity and the powers that Tar Valon can wield, while simultaneously being introduced to new, intriguing characters that contain their own mysteries. Overall, The Dragon Reborn fit in flawlessly with its two preceding novels, continuing the story in a way that keeps the reader riveted and itching to picking up the next piece in the puzzle.

Additional Insight (Spoilers Abound):

  • Is Mat really cured and freed from the dagger? I really enjoyed the story of his luck and how he embraced it to continue on his journey to become the hero. Will he end up supporting Rand? Can their friendship be saved?
  • When will Lan and Nynaeve be reunited?
  • Who is Zarine really? What role will she play in the future novels? Are her and Perrin destined to become an item?
  • I enjoyed seeing Egwene start to pull away from Nynaeve’s authority and bossiness, even though their constant bickering grew tiresome.
  • Will Egwene end up with Galad or Gawyn?
  • Will Thom life? I feel as though this old Gleeman is rather difficult to kill and his story is not done.
  • How will they separate Queen Morgase from Lord Gaebril?
  • There were so many excessive risks taken by Nynaeve, Egwene and Elayne as they knowingly walked right into a trap.  Why would Siuan Sanche let them leave Tar Valon and go on the Tear alone?
  • When will Nynaeve finally be able to control her power without being angry?
  • What will happen now that Rand has taken control of Callandor? What is the next step on his journey?



  1. This is one of my favorite WoT books although the constant bickering between the characters especially between men and women gets to a point that is really annoying and excessive. I found myself thinking, “do people actually fall in love and marry in this world?” Lol But the world building and the mythology of these books are what make me stay and keep reading. I’m glad you also enjoyed it!

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  2. THANK YOU, I am clearly not the only one who found the ostensible hero (Rand) the least interesting person in the story. The addition of Zarine made this book one of my favorites in the series. I loved her confidence and brazen attitude. (Well, of course I did; there’s a reason she appeared in my Goodreads “Top Five Wednesday” post of fictional characters most like me!)

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      • Er…maybe you can let me know! I bailed halfway through the series because Jordan, like GRRM, accumulates such a large cast that he has to split them between books, and I couldn’t slog through entire novels’ worth of whiny Rand to get to everyone else I liked. Life is too short and my TBR list too long. I’ll have to get the epic conclusion vicariously through your posts. 😉

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  3. Lol I totally agree with all the Book Pharmacist said above. The bickering between characters of different gender, and even between those of the same gender, is what turned me off the story. I couldn’t stand it. But regarding your questions there (I won’t answer any):
    I was suspicious of Zarine’s intentions too and didn’t like her at first.
    Yep! I was liked it too when Egwene started to pull away from Nynaeve’s influence. Nynaeve is my least liked character and I keep thinking she needs a huge slice of humble pie.
    Yea, Thom…he’s one of my favs.

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  4. I’ve never read of of Jordan’s work, but my husband had a few of his books. He enjoys them. I just might have to pick one up someday and give it a shot! Thanks for a great review!

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