Wizard and Glass by Stephen King

Rate: 5/5

Medium: Audiobook

Overview (No Spoilers):

While reading Wizard and Glass, fully immersed in the story and reveling in the mysteries finally being unraveled, I found myself reflecting back on how far this story has developed since The Gunslinger. It is no secret that I was wholly unamused by the first installment of The Dark Tower series, however I’ve come to realize that this series is not about the initial steps but the journey as a whole, with each subsequent novel further building this intriguing literary world.  This series is a great example as to why I have such a hard time not finishing out even mediocre series as one or two books rarely represent the author’s master vision. However, let me be clear, this is by no means a run-of-the-mill series.  In the fourth book of The Dark Tower series, we finally find out Roland’s backstory, well at least a key part of it. Alas, his tale is just as heartbreaking as previously alluded to. Along the same thread, we finally are introduced to Roland’s childhood companions, Cuthbert and Alain, who we’d only been given hints to thus far in the series. Oh, and by being completely caught up thinking and writing about Roland’s backstory, I totally forgot that the delightfully devastating cliffhanger The Waste Lands left us in was resolved in the beginning of Wizard and Glass in a most appropriately suspenseful fashion.  Overall, Wizard and Glass was fast paced action throughout, while simultaneously unveiling Roland’s murky past and the parallels that exist between his two ka-tets.


Additional Insight (Spoilers Abound):

  • How will Rhea come back to haunt Roland throughout this story? Is she still alive? If only they had dispensed of her the first time around. It was terrible sad when Roland killed his mom. What did his father say?
  • How do Cuthbert and Alain end up dying? I kept waiting for one of them to die throughout this story. Where will their story go next?
  • Ugh, poor, poor Susan. Her fate was just awful! Roland had even known that she was carrying his child.  He could have at least been planning to bring her back to his parents.
  • What happened to the Wizard’s Glass? What would happen if someone had actually broken it?
  • I loved the Wizard of Oz connection! Also, the blatant connection with The Stand.  Will they meet up with Mother Abagail at some point?
  • It was a bit anticlimactic when they killed the Tick Tock Man. What was the point of the Ageless Man bringing him along?
  • How did they ‘sleep walk’ so far outside of the Emerald City?


  1. Oh my! It’s great to read a review of this incredible book (and series). Thanks for transporting me back!

    I loved the connection with The Stand, too. Stephen King’s ability to create these vast, connected worlds always impresses me.

    It says you listened to this on Audiobook. That’s interesting, what is it like?

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  2. i found there are a lot of ‘anticlimactic’ moments in SK’s books – stuff he mentions that seems important that turns out not to be, or that doesn’t really get wrapped up. i think sometimes he just has so much in his head that it’s hard to flesh it all out. i’m glad you liked this one! Wolves of the Calla is great and Song of Susannah is my favorite.

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    • Usually I find reason with King’s decisions, however the Tick Tock man struck a cord for some reason and seemed out of place. Understandable with how complex this series is becoming that some things get lost along the way. I can’t wait to pick up the next book!

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  3. I’m a huge King fan! I have the series, but have yet found the time to read it. I want to even more now.

    What’s it like listening to audio books? Is it hard to concentrate on what’s being said?

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    • The audiobooks were wonderful. The narrators do a wonderful job of creating unique personalities and bringing them to life. The narrators do switch half way through the series due to the first actor being in a devastating accident.


  4. this was the last book in the series I read. I thought it was the best book so far. The story was great! But somehow I don’t feel that invested in the characters to find out what will happen next. Weird. I might pick it the following book at some point if only out of curiosity.

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