The Alloy of Law by Brandon Sanderson

Rate: 4.5/5

Medium: Audiobook

Overview (No Spoilers):

Diving into The Alloy of Law was extra sweet as I’d thought my Mistborn journey was completed with the Hero of Ages. As I was familiar with the initial trilogy and it’s characters I’d grown quite fond of, I was initially thrown for a loop when the story picks up approximately 300 years in the future with a whole new set of personalities to assess.  That being said, the transition went smoothly as I was very quickly drawn up into this new adventure. I enjoyed the change in tone as Sanderson appears to be trying his hand a detective novel with this new extension of the series, while keeping so many of the same elements that made the first three novels special.  Additionally, thanks to Sazed’s gift of past knowledge in the previous series, the technology in this new novel is far advanced in comparison to the previous three installments.  Giving an overall feel of the early 1900s with electricity a relatively new discovery and motor cars becoming mainstream, alongside the use of gunpowder it seems like a whole new literary world in which our characters find novel ways to apply their powers. I find that I was continually amused at the various ways that Sanderson found for the gifted individuals to use their powers in this more modern realm.  While the cast is all new, we find familiar names from the previous series littered throughout this text from the titles of roads or the last name of current families.  The new characters quickly find a place in our hearts, especially the bigger than life personality of Wax’s sidekick Wayne.  Additionally, we learn about two new metals that affect time and how they can be utilized for good or evil.  Overall, The Alloy of Law is a wonderful jump start for a new take on an already fantastic series. I’m excited to see how Sanderson will develop this familiar yet totally new literary world.

Additional Insight (Spoilers Abound):

  • Did Feltrel have atium? How did he move so fast?
  • The corpses Wad found when following Feltrel show seemed to show scenes of Hemalurgy.  What was the purpose of this blatant death?
  • Lady Steris was so very dry. I loved the end as her hard exterior seemed to soften.
  • Are there any Mistborn in this world?
  • Will Steris or Marasi end up with Wax? I’m definitely rooting for Marasi!
  • The concept that people can be both an Feruchemical and Allomantic has unlimited potentials! The ways that Sanderson could exploit this talent set seems endless!
  • I loved that Wax tracked town his Uncle using the numbers on the random cigar box they found. I’d totally forgotten about that little clue until it was revealed.
  • Where are the rest of the girls that were kidnapped?
  • Who is Trell that Miles referenced as he died?
  • What is Ranette’s back story? Does she really like Wayne? Why did she move into the city?
  • Iron Eyes returns! Why and what book did Marsh give to Marasi? What was the purpose?
  • Wax actually talked to Harmony, aka Sazed! How different it is from the readers persepctive that knew their God before he was divine.
  • How can someone have Koloss blood?


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