The Hero of Ages by Brandon Sanderson

Rate: 4.5/5

Medium: Audiobook

Overview (No Spoilers):

During my review of The Well of Ascension one of my fellow bloggers warned me to have the tissues ready for this last book of the trilogy.  She was right on the mark as this third book of the Mistborn trilogy tugged on the emotions to the extreme as our favorite characters struggled so desperately to survive in increasingly dire situations.  Taking place several years after the battle of Luthadel, The Hero of Ages follows the remaining crew as they split up to deal with their own specific crisis throughout the Empire. Some of the situations that arise grow frustrating for both the reader and the characters as they seem petty and a waste of time with the world potentially ending. Throughout this read, the mystery surrounding Ruin and the extent of his powers/influence are slowly drawn back making the impossibility of survival and the tempting embrace of despair palpable. Many of the key plot twists in this read were quite predictable, however despite knowing the likely turn of events, it did not reduce my enjoyment in the adventure any less. My favorite aspect of this read was likely the role that TenSoon played, as he provided an intimate glimpse into the homeland of the enigmatic kandra.  Sanderson continued to develop and build upon the foundation the previous novels had established, furthering to elaborate upon this delightful literary world and the characters we’ve become attached to. Undergoing the largest transformation under Sanderson’s pen was Spook who has been relegated to a supporting character until this novel, and blooms bright in this last installment.  Overall, The Hero of Ages was a perfect conclusion to this Mistborn adventure that has held me captive over the past couple of weeks.

Amendment: After writing this review I was shocked to find out my Mistborn adventure isn’t quite over! While I’ve finished the first trilogy, I was excited to discover I have four more books to go with the Wax & Wayne series.

Additional Insight (Spoilers Abound):

  • Ruin’s influence was so far reaching that it was hard to wrap your head around. It left me feeling overwhelmed for our poor protagonists that were trying to only do good, but were being used for Ruin’s schemes.
  • If Ruin ruined everything, what else would there be to wreck havoc on?
  • The change in perspective of the Lord Ruler from book one until the end was a complete reversal. First he was this immortal evil entity, however by the end we understand that he had good intentions and was really trying to defeat Ruin.
  • Sazed’s soul searching in this book grew quite tiresome. While it all tied together nicely, I so wanted to shake him because the world was ending and he was having a crisis of self.
  • Spook’s character development in this book was likely my favorite of the series.  I was convinced Spook would be duped by Ruin because he was saying everything Spook was ever wanting to hear.
  • I loved learning more about the world of the kandra and their backstory. Why didn’t the Lord Ruler have the atium stash destroyed if it was Ruin’s body?  I guess it was stated that the atium would grow back so perhaps destroying would not have been sufficient.  The kandra’s fate was so heartbreaking. Poor TenSoon!
  • I totally called that Vin’s earring was a spike! Poor, poor Marsh being stuck under Ruin’s control. What happened to him in the end?
  • What will happen to the koloss? Did they survive? Or did some of the kandra survive?


  1. Eeee, I’m so glad you finished it and you enjoyed it! The Wax and Wayne series is SO GOOD, even if it has a very different tone and feel (in my opinion) than the epicness of the Mistborn trilogy. Awesome review!

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