The Well of Ascension by Brandon Sanderson

Rate: 4/5

Medium: Audiobook

Overview (No Spoilers): My fascination with Sanderson continues as I make my way through this second installment of his Mistborn trilogy.  In The Well of Ascension, our favorite characters are now grappling with the aftermath of the revolution and new threats that arrive on their doorstep. While this novel contained many of the characteristics of a series placeholder, with pawns being deliberately moved in preparation for a major battle or climax, the journey throughout was entertaining. We observed many familiar characters growing in depth and evolving as they encounter new and more overwhelming obstacles. I specifically enjoyed Sazed and Tindwyl’s POVs, which afforded the reader greater insight into the mind of a Terris Keeper. My favorite new POV was of Breeze who turned out to be a character of surprising depth and unexpected motivation.  The Well of Ascension was an emotion roller coaster that only increased in pace as it whipped the reader through ever surprising hurdles as the story neared its end. We suffer alongside our protagonists with betrayal and ill intended guile, especially in the final battle scene, which flips between various narratives increasing suspense as the noose draws ever tighter around them. The key plot twist at the end has me baffled at the direction the final book in the trilogy is headed and I’m eagerly, looking forward to losing myself in.  Overall, The Well of Ascension was a delightful continuation of the Mistborn trilogy that will leave the reader impatiently anticipating picking up the final installment.

Additional Insight (Spoilers Abound):

  • Why is Marsh being influenced against his will? What is driving him?
  • Ugh, poor Clubs and Dockson. I cried when they were killed. Will Breeze be healed? How about when he is reunited with his unexpected love, Ashweather’s daughter?
  • Will Vin and OreSeur (TenSoon) be reunited? Could she get his contract? I was shocked that he turned out to be the traitor. Would Vin have developed the same relationship/friendship with OreSeur?
  • How is Vin able to control the koloss? Will she be able to long term control them?
  • How will Sazed react to finding out the Terris Council has been killed? Why did the Steel Inquisitor kill them? Will Sazed be their new leader?
  • Poor Spook! When will he mature into the leader we know he is?
  • What is the power that Vin released? What will it mean that Elend is now a Mistborn?
  • Will other characters end up having both Feruchemical and Allomantic powers?
  • Who is the shadow in the mist?


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