Shadows of Self by Brandon Sanderson

Rate: 5/5

Medium: Audiobook

Overview (No Spoilers):

This series keeps getting better and better! In The Alloy of Law fast forwards to a futuristic time period and a whole new cast compared to the first three installments of the series. With this new foundation established, Shadows of Self springboards into a page turning, race against time and the divine to find a murderer in order to divert disaster.  Our new favorite characters continue to grow in depth, with Steris arguably developing the most as her cold exterior evolves into an almost charming quirkiness.  It should be no surprise that Marasi continues to break molds by following her dreams and Wax becomes more comfortable in his role as a lord.  Wayne continues his reign as the fan favorite as his eccentric ways of viewing the world only serving to further for endear him to the reader.  Sanderson continues toying with the detective novel genre in Shadows of Self, with the final events of this read steering him back toward his wheelhouse. The ending leaves a bitter sweet taste in the reader’s mouth, with a overhanging feeling of gloom and foreboding in the upcoming future for our protagonists. This corresponds with expecting much self reflection in the next book by Wax, perhaps harkening back toward Sazed’s internal struggles in the Hero of Ages. Overall, Shadows of Self continues to build upon both an extraordinary literary world and a delightful trove of characters to keep the reader glued until the very end.  I can hardly wait to pick up book six and continue my Mistborn adventure.

Additional Insight (Spoilers Abound):

  • Where are the missing girls from the last book? They aren’t even mentioned in this one!
  • Also, non of my koloss questions were answered eitther!
  • Will Marasi regret recommending Reddi to fill the role of Constable General?
  • Why was the Marksman killed by assassins upon capture?
  • What was Wax’s history in his grandmother’s village and Idashwy?
  • How will Aradel handle filling the role of Governor? Will the corrupt Nobles in jail somehow block his voting into the official role?
  • So let me get this straight, Bleeder was actually Lessie? If that is the case, how did ____move so fast to pull Bleeder in front of Wax’s bullet in Alloy of Law? And how did Bleeder go unnoticed from the Governor’s mansion where she was apparently the Governor to the podium in the crowd where she was riling up crowds and revealed the kandra being a priest? She couldn’t have been working alone! And if she was the Governor who was controlling the guard that tried to kill her and gave Wax the unique coin? How long had Bleeder been the Governor if she also was the farmer that blew up the dam?
  • I love MeLaan’s personality! I’m so glad we are seeing more of her in this new series!
  • TenSoon is back! Will he play a more prominent role in the next series?
  • What is the metal in the spike that was in Bleeder? Who is Trell?
  • Poor Wayne! Him seeking to help the family of the man he killed while robbing is so heartbreaking for both parties.
  • What is the glowing substance in the kandra homeland? Will it prove to be more important?


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