The Bands of Mourning by Brandon Sanderson

Rate: 5/5

Medium: Audiobook

Overview (No Spoilers):

How did I not realize that The Bands of Mourning was not in fact the final novel of the Mistborn series? Prior to beginning this novel, I had mentally prepared for it being the crowning installment of the series and had spent much of this book expecting key deaths that would likely coincide with the conclusion. While I love Sanderson, he does not have the remotely the same level of blood thirst as G.R.R. Martin with regard to keeping readers on their toes with no character safe from death by pen stroke. This is my eleventh book by Sanderson in thirteen months, as such he’s lured me into a level of complacency with regard to his protagonists fates in even the most dire situations. Of those characters, Steris’ depth in personality grow in leaps and bounds as her character continues to development from a one dimensional stiff to an ever surprising and resourceful persona that holds her own within this colorful cast. I can’t believe I’m going to say this, but Steris is giving Wayne a run for his money as my favorite character. Throughout this tale, the reader is kept on the edge of their seat with one insane scene after another. As  The Bands of Mourning drew to a close, I was shocked by cliffhanger that the reader was left pondering and was even more stunned when I realized Wax and Wayne’s journey was yet to be concluded. Quite quickly my surprise transitioned into excitement for the final installment that is due Fall 2019. Overall, Sanderson continues to be an absolute master at world building and does not slack in The Bands of Mourning as we escape Elendel and finally see outside of this crowded capital to New Seran and beyond.

Additional Insight (Spoilers Abound):

  • How did Wax’s sister go so astray? I couldn’t believe he didn’t suspect her at all. How will she show up again in the next book?
  • Why did Wax never go home?
  • Of course Wax and Steris’ wedding would be stalled due to some form of emergency. Their wedding at the end was so sweet. Cue all the tears! Steris throughout this book was wonderful. We got to see how her unique personality flourishes outside of the capital and how she over prepares for a wide array of surprising situations. A woman after my own heart!
  • I’m still confused. How can people be part Koloss?
  • Wax uses a gun! Of course we were crying right along with Wax but that scene was so powerful!
  • Who was Khriss? How will she come back into the story?
  • Hoid shows up several times in the story. What is he doing in this realm? Why did he give Wax a metalmind?
  • Not only did we get out of Elendel, but we got a whole new people that are more technologically advanced! How will this play out in the next book? What other technologies do they have and will we get to see more of their land? Who is the god they’re talking about? It must have been Marsh! Are there other people out there that we have not met yet?
  • Will Marasi and Allik end up together?
  • Will Governor Aradel be able to avoid Civil War?
  • Who are the beings with the red eyes that kill Suit in the end?
  • Where is Trell?



  1. Totally agree on Steris. I did not like her at first and by the end of this book she’s in the running for favorite character.

    I’m going to phrase this carefully since it relates to your spoilers section, but the ending really wowed me. Especially in light of where we’ve encountered other adversaries with the same type of eyes elsewhere in the Cosmere.

    Finally, last I heard there is one more Wax and Wayne book coming and then likely another Mistborn trilogy set in more contemporary times. Because apparently Sanderson must write in order to stay alive.


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