Foundryside by Robert Jackson Bennett

Rate: 4.5/5

Medium: Audiobook

Overview (No Spoilers): I wish I could, for the life of me, recall how I first stumbled across Foundryside. Just recently, I was lamenting that I was in need of a new high fantasy series to sink my teeth into as my Wheel of Time journey was now drawing to a close. Bennett’s inaugural novel of The Founders trilogy contained everything and more that I look for in literary worlds that capture my undivided attention. I can personally attest that I had a terrible time putting down this fast paced read. Poor Luke even had to listen to the last hour of this audiobook on a road trip because I couldn’t bear to wait on the suspenseful ending. The world building the delightfully elaborate and grew with each subsequent chapter. In addition to the backstory continually expanding, the main characters all contained hidden depths that were deliberately unveiled piece by vital piece. Several times I couldn’t help but draw connections to Brandson Sanderson’s Stormlight Archive or Mistborn series. The similarities regarding powers aside, Foundryside was a fantastic inaugural novel in a trilogy that has me excited for the next installment. Overall, Bennett has diligently laid the foundation for an adventure that I can’t even begin to predict where it will take the reader, serving to only heighten the anticipation for Shorefall!

Additional Insight (Spoilers Abound):

  • The most entertaining character in Foundryside was Clef. However, I couldn’t help but draw conclusions to Sanderson’s Nightblood (the talking sword). Clef’s banter was amusing throughout. Will Sancia be able to find a way to fix Clef?
  • Who or what is Ofelia Dandolo being directed by and is it good or evil? Or perhaps Ofelia justifies her actions they’re the best for her campo?
  • Will Gregor heal or at least come back to some semblance of his old self? Who else is scribed?
  • How will Orso’s new campo survive? What scribed treasures will they discover next?
  • How will Berenice and Sancia’s relationship progress? Usually I’m adept at predicting potential love interests but this one surprised me with how quickly it progressed. Don’t get me wrong, I’m all in for Team Bercia or Team Sanice, but their interactions up until it was revealed they liked each other did not hold any chemistry.
  • I found the Gregor/Sancia dynamic to be fascinating. Gregor was obviously a good guy and wanting to clean up the city, however Sancia’s way of life was directly in opposition to his goals. It put the reader in an interesting situation as they are torn with who to side with as they come in direct conflict!
  • Will we learn more about the hierophants?




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