The Lies of Locke Lamora by Scott Lynch

Rate: 4.5/5

Medium: Audiobook

Overview (No Spoilers):

Several months ago, one of my fellow bloggers and I were trading recommendations when we realized his wife and I had the exact same taste in books. So of course I had to inquire as to her recommendation for my next read. While I was excited to pick up The Lies of Locke Lamora, it reached the top my holds list at my local library at least four times without me reading a single page. Usually, this title showed up in my inbox along side one of my Wheel of Time novels becoming available, with the unknown title falling unread to the side. Once I finally dove in, I could fully appreciate the appeal of this fantastic recommendation for any book reader who has a penchant for world building. Lynch assumes a deliberate pace throughout, which allows the story and city to develop, layer by delicate layer. And just as the reader becomes lulled, into pseudopredictability with the familiar cadence of the story, the plot took a most unexpected detour that leaves the reader playing catch-up the rest of the ride. With the majority of the story, excluding some flashbacks, taking place within one city, Lynch makes the utter most out of his chosen location. I’m excited to experience how this literary realm will continues to grow as the story will potentially leave Camorr‘s boarders during the next installment. The characters that Lynch debuted were all full of life and personality, regardless if they were one of The Gentleman Bastards or a lowly waiter. Overall, this was a highly entertaining read that I had a difficult time putting down and I’m eager to see what adventures book two will have in store for our clever Gentleman Bastards.

Additional Insight (Spoilers Abound): 

  • Why was Nazca’s grave empty? It seems like this was a loophole left unanswered? She must be dead, however is she actually? Perhaps it was a trick of the Bondsmage?
  • The deaths of Calo and Galdo Sanza and Bug were shocking, while simultaneously bringing this read to a higher level, leaving the reader with the lingering suspicion that no one is safe.
  • What is Locke’s real name?
  • How will the Bondsmage or his Order exact his revenge?
  • Will Locke and Jean leave Camorr?
  • Speaking of revenge, will Don Lorenzo Salvara and his wife wreck havoc on Locke within their new roles as apprentice Spiders? Will they recoup their lost fortune?
  • With Raza dead, what chaos will the ensue within Camorr’s lower class? What retaliations will the upper class enact upon the lower class?



  1. I loved this book! I don’t know why it’s taking me so long to get to the sequels…and wow, you raised so many good questions I didn’t even think of!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hi Clare! I’m glad you enjoyed it too! It seems to be a trend I’m seeing that people are not picking up the rest in the series. I’m curious where the story will go from here.


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