Sh*tshow! by Charlie LeDuff

Rating: 4/5

Medium: Audiobook

Overview (Spoilers Abound): Four and a half years ago, LeDuff’s Detroit was one of the first books I reviewed on the Critiquing Chemist and I couldn’t stop raving about this dark read. This book likely struck a cord due to being born and raised in Michigan, and it was my go to recommendation for several months, with many of my friends and family eventually picking up Detroit. Based on how much I enjoyed LeDuff’s previous work, I was particularly looking forward to Sh*tshow! and quickly added the title to my library holds list. Unfortunately, at least eight months elapsed before this title finally became available, long after I’d already given up on ever getting the anticipated notification. As a chronically optimistic person, I find LeDuff’s cynical nature to be frustrating. That being said, despite my aforementioned vexation at his general world hardened attitude, for the most part I found his perspectives and coverage of the various recent key events refreshing and heartbreaking in Sh*tshow!. The interviews he conducts are a far cry from the cookie cutter typical media coverage we typically see in our news. LeDuff goes out of his way to find the stories of Americans that are overlooked by mainstream America. Due to being a Michigander, his many references to my home state also resonated. Overall, despite LeDuff’s perspective of the world being vastly different than my own, Sh*tshow! provided viewpoints that proved thought provoking, while also mocking the current status of mainstream media.

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