Legendary by Stephanie Garber

Rate: 3.5/5

Medium: Audiobook

Overview (No Spoilers):

Well that wasn’t quite where I’d expected to this story to evolve based on how Caraval had left off. Garber totally threw me a curve ball with what I’d anticipated for Legendary, though I’m not complaining in the slightest with regard to the level of detail she imbued throughout this magical YA adventure. Where I grew disenchanted was Tella’s constant need to be saved by a guy. Not once, but over and over and over again. Moreover the sisters who fought so hard to be together in the first book could hardly be bothered to check on each other throughout this entire read, despite the danger. Yes these last two criticisms managed to color my final opinions of this novel but the overall read was highly entertaining, with main romance being extra steamy. With so many games being played within this Caraval, the reader was left in a mire of confusion as to who to trust or what to believe, much as in the first novel. Alas, the essence of being a game was lost due to the targeted focus of the clues throughout Legendary. The aspects occupied by the antics of game in Caravel were instead was substituted with history and depth regarding source of the magic within this literary realm. Overall, despite Legendary being a read I could hardly put down, the classic trope of the damsel in distress being rescued over and over again grew stale. That being said, I can’t wait to see what enchantments Garber has in store for the conclusion of the Caraval trilogy.

Additional Insight (Spoilers Abound):

  • Is Dante really Legend?!?! Why did he abandon Tella after saving her? Why is he posing as the lost child? Could he really be the lost prince? I thought the lost child might actually be Tella’s mother.
  • Scarlett’s storyline proved to be so disappointing. She’s really going to look up her former fiance? Also why would Julian have lied to her about her fiance? Honestly, I really disliked this whole story arc, regardless of where it popped up in Legendary.
  • Why was Jacks released from the cards? Was it something that Tella did? Did he trap her mother as a result? Was the Aracle card that Tella had released by Dante?
  • What did Dante promise the Temple of the Stars?
  • Does Jacks really care about Tella?
  • Why does Scarlett never want to talk about their mother?What will their mother be like now that she’s released? Will their father come back into the picture?
  • What is Dante’s story behind the black heart tattoo?
  • Why did Tella’s mom promise her to the Temple of the Stars instead of Scarlett?



  1. i just finished legendary too! COULDNT AGREE MORE. Tella was just so… whiny. And omg now that you mentioned the sisters threw the relationship out of the window… and scarlet was just… like where was she the entire time???

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  2. I’ve read “Caraval” and still not sure whether I want to continue with this book series. In a way I really enjoyed the first book, but it had the proper ending for me…

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