Daisy Jones & The Six by Taylor Jenkins Reid

Rate: 4/5

Medium: Audiobook

Overview (No Spoilers):


My dearest Stephanie came through with another spectacular book recommendation when she suggested Daisy Jones & The Six. Despite falling outside my typical genre of preference, this novel skyrocketed to the top of my to-be-read list, purely based on my friend’s former spot on recommendation of Beartown. Stephanie captured the essence of this unique novel in her following review:

Told interview style (with a full cast reading the parts in the audiobook, each voice actor just *perfect* for their part), the story follows the rise and fall of a 1970s rock and roll group. Each narrator is deliciously unreliable and has their own perspective on events, and the story abounds with beautiful descriptions of the song writing process, wild stories of parties, and the twists and turns of complicated relationships. I found myself alternately chuckling at one of the character’s quips and listening raptly to find out what would happen next. At the heart of the story are several strong women, whose choices direct the action of the story and lead to its ultimate conclusion. I came away with a new perspective on what it means to love and trust someone, and the power of forgiveness.

Due in part to the interview format employed by Daisy Jones & The Six, the audio book medium proved to be positively delightful, especially with a talented full cast that contained notable names such as Judy Greer, Benjamin Bratt, Jennifer Beals, and Pablo Schreiber. Likely due in part to this read being so far outside my typical material, the overall premise of Reid’s novel was refreshing, despite containing a heavy dose of darker elements interspersed throughout a general success story. Reid crafts characters who are distinct and memorable and really brought to life with the aid of the full cast. The formatting of Daisy Jones & The Six was reminiscent, albeit a vastly different genre, of two other comparable formatted books that I thoroughly enjoyed, The Historian and Sleeping Giants.

Right away, Daisy Jones & The Six reveals that there is a big mystery surrounding the the hottest band in the world mysteriously dissolving, in the midst of their biggest tour decades ago. With this major conflict looming over every interview in the book, the suspense begins to build almost immediately, keeping the reader flipping pages ever faster with each subsequent point of view. Overall, despite not being a genre that I actively seek out, Daisy Jones & The Six is a fantastic summer read that will not be misplaced on your TBR lists.

Additional Insight (Spoilers Abound):
  • I loved the twist that Billy and Camila’s daughter was the narrator ‘behind’ the book.
  • Did Billy and Daisy write another song?
  • My heart hurts on all levels for Graham and Karen.



  1. I read this one late last year and feel kind of bummed I did not realize to go for the audiobook format. I liked this so much though that I might have to give it a reread at some point in the audio format 🙂

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    • Hi Michael! I totally get that. Honestly, if I hadn’t listened to the audiobook I would probably agree. This is the first time I’ve read an audiobook that the cast truly made it better.


      • I believe I might have enjoyed it a bit more as an audio book.

        I did find the hook of presenting the story as an oral history wore a bit thin as the novel progressed. I’ve read other oral histories on ESPN and the Star Trek franchises and really liked and enjoyed those. It could be because I had a bit more of an investment/familiarity with the participants than I did here. Again, this is where the audiobook would have a leg up since I’d get to know the various voices.

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  2. I got a copy of the hardback for this after your previous review, I’m figuring now is probably the best time to read it. Glad to know that the audio book is good too though!

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  3. I also loved this book! But, based on your review, I should have listened to it on audiobook to experience the performance aspect. I bet that took it to a whole new level.

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  4. This book is in my TBR and I’m so glad to read your review because now I know that I NEED to get an audio book rather than an ebook or paperback edition. Thanks!


  5. I’d been havering about this one. After I read your review, I listened to the audiobook sample and decided to add it to my TBR. I love the idea of so many narrators. Thanks for the recommendation.

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  6. Another instant “to read” and buy based on another wonderful and insightful review. Thanks Sarah. Love your reviews.


      • Well, I’m kind of lazy about writing reviews, but if/when I get to it, I’ll let you know. Just listened to “The Year of Less” by Caitlin Flanders. I don’t generally don’t self-helpy, how I changed my life books, and she’s much younger than I, but I’m at a similar stage – trying to divest myself of much of the “stuff” I’ve accumulated and quit buying more. So, the book came at a good time for me.

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  7. So, I finally listened to this book. What a brilliantly performed audiobook! Listening felt like the guilty pleasure of reading “People” magazine when there’s nothing else in a waiting room.
    Okay, I’ll be honest – this never happens to me because I ALWAYS carry something to read, but you know what I mean.

    It was just fun! And, on audio, you really hear the different, sometimes conflicting perspectives and get a feel for the characters.

    Would I have enjoyed it so much in print? I doubt it, but listening gave me the feeling it will be a great movie if properly cast.

    Thanks for convincing me to give it a shot.

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