Dispel Illusion by Mark Lawrence

Rate: 4.5/5

Medium: Audiobook

Overview (No Spoilers)

This trilogy highlights Lawence’s versatility as a writer due to Impossible Times being a major deviation from his other works. Lawrence merges time travel, heavy theoretical mathematics, and D&D into one story, all packed into three relatively short novels, not to mention also linking this modern setting to his other trilogies. 

While the first two books in the Impossible Times trilogy only span a few years, Dispel Illusion takes place over decades as Nick grows into the researcher who was promised. The trilogy thus far has linked past and future, but Dispel Illusion expands upon these connections to the point that any sort of a potential outcome seems, well, impossible to say the least. Despite stacking insurmountable odds against Nick, Lawrence weaves together an ending that both satisfies, while also redefines an already established ending. This new ending is relatively unique compared to Lawrence’s previous works as, dare I say, the outcome is a happy one . 

Overall, Due to most of this story taking place in the future, we glimpse breadcrumbs that hint at upcoming events. This foreshadowing simultaneously worked to build intrigue and suspense as Lawrence maneuvers the last, hidden puzzle pieces into place when all seems lost. Loose ends that had been tangled into seemingly incompatible knots are unexpectedly reordered into an analytically satisfying ending that is quite fitting in hindsight.

Just delightful.

Additional Insight (Spoilers Abound):

  • My heart was so happy to find out that Elton’s dad survived. Also, how did John and Simon not slip up once in all the following decades. Especially when the world went a bit sideways in Limited Wish.
  • What happened to Nick’s sponsor? Did he find his cure? 
  • Charles Rust was such a twisted, relentless bad guy. 
  • I couldn’t help but mourn Eva. 
  • The hidden cave with time travelers was amazing! What would have happened had it not been found? Also, when will Nick stop underestimating Mia?
  • We met Taproot! I loved getting a glimpse of his origins and connection to Nick.

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