The Magician King by Lev Grossman


Rate: 4/5

Medium: Book

 Overview (No Spoilers):

 The Magician King is the follow-up to Lev Grossman’s The Magicians. Due to my initial, misguided feelings toward the original book in the trilogy, I was dragging my feet to open The Magician King. I bought the book up from Powell’s Books when I was on vacation with my husband in Portland to see my brother over Halloween, however it took me till Christmas to pick up the novel.  If you recall from my blog for The Magicians, I was beyond frustrated with the halo of golden light in which the immature behavior and actions of the main characters were immersed. Full disclosure, upon finally starting The Magician King, I enjoyed the second novel so much that I broke my golden rule of reading books in a trilogy back to back. This book takes place two years after Quentin and his hodgepodge group of friends return to Fillory to take their place as Kings and Queens. Quentin, who feels restless, then finds himself on a thrilling adventure to not only save Fillory but also finding himself in the process. Another fascinating aspect of the book is the shedding of light upon Julia’s mysterious, dangerous, and unique path to find magic. I felt as though the reader watched these previously juvenile characters mature with ever turn of the page, moreover, many of the questions I felt were left pregnant in the previous were at least partially answered, such as what happened to Penny. While there are so many delightful links and correlations from The Magicians Trilogy to Chronicles of Narnia, the relationship appears to be one of an adult series to a children’s book, respectively. I found this series from a website claiming a similarity to Harry Potter, however, a far more appropriate correlation would be to the Narnia series. Overall, I loved The Magician King, and could not restrain myself from immediately starting the final book in the trilogy.

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