Prodigy by Marie Lu


Rate: 3/5

 Medium: KindleBook

 Overview (No Spoilers):

Well I broke two of my rules when reading the second book in the Legend Trilogy. First of all, I read the Prodigy immediately following Legend, however, as a disclaimer, I didn’t read out of impatience, but due to a lack of anything else on hand. My second rule was to be as caught up on the blog as possible, before reading another book. Alas I became dreadfully behind on my blog with having read the Prodigy almost three weeks ago. Lu’s novel picks up imminently following where Legend left off.  Again the novel is filled with cheesy, juvenile romances and jealousies. However, the Prodigy reveals more of the world in which Day and June live in than its predecessor. Overall, I enjoyed the Prodigy for what it had to offer as a YA dystopian novel and am eagerly waiting (currently on a holds list at the local library) for the next novel, Champion.

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