Argo by Antonio J. Mendez and Matt Baglio


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Rate: 4/5

Medium: AudioBook

Overview (No Spoilers): I struggled to write this review due to my mind still processing the fact that Mendez is real, his amazing history is real, and the story of the rescue of the ‘House Guests’ was real. Moreover, Mendez, at the bequest/permission of the CIA, was only able to divulge the events surrounding the rescue of a group Americans from Iran during the Hostage Crisis. Mendez sprinkles many different anecdotes throughout the texts that allow a glimpse at some of his other endeavors with the CIA, which skillfully adds detailed context and examples from which to build the main story. He also, competently, lays a foundation for the attitudes and pop culture surrounding the era of the time period, as well as the history of the CIA and other intelligence agencies throughout the world. Personally, I would love to know all of Mr. Mendez’s secrets! Through Argo, we were allowed a brief glimpse into the finesse and creativity of the CIA during a delicate operation, a mere peek through the keyhole of a vast treasure trove of secret stories and adventures. Imagine if the CIA unclassified other amazing, daring escapes or rescues? What other real life tales could they amaze us with? Overall, Argo is an unbelievably true story, which weaves together the history of Iran, CIA, international diplomacy, and Hollywood in a way that captures the reader’s intrigue and mounting anxiety as the stakes grow higher and is well worth the read.



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