New Spring by Robert Jordan

Rate: 4/5

Medium: Audiobook

Overview (No Spoilers):

I’m slowly but surely making my way through this marathon of a series and so far enjoying every minute of it! Based on the recommendations of my fellow bloggers (Thanks Matt!), I decided to read the prequel, a New Spring after Lord of Chaos. As such, be forewarned that this overview has no spoilers for New Spring but has some for the Wheel of Time series through Lord of Chaos.  Much shorter than any of the previous books I’d read in the series, this book was a breath of fresh air as we get a look at some of our favorite characters when they were merely Accepted.  Most intriguing to me was the veil of mystery being lifted regarding the secrets of the Aes Sedai.  Additionally, we are given a glimpse of the tail end of the Aiel War and the events that surround Rand’s birth, along with the delightful point of view of al’Lan Mandragoran.  Moreover, the readers are treated to the backstory as to how Lan and Moraine meet, which clears up so many of my lingering questions as to their pairing.   Hearing Moraine’s full story though made me feel guilty for ever doubting her motives. Until her death, I see-sawed regarding her intentions toward Rand, more often than not siding with her having her own agenda.   Adding further insight, valuable to my present location in the larger series was observing a young Siuan Sanche prior to being raised Aes Sedai, let alone Amyrlin Seat. Overall, a New Spring was a fun break from the current, heavy storyline of the larger series while staying in the same literary realm and simultaneously filling in the backstory for several key players in the main drama. I’m excited to see how my new knowledge regarding the Aes Sedai changes my perception of their interactions in my next read.

Additional Insight (Spoilers Abound):

  • How could the Black Ajah kill the current Amerlyn Seat, Tamra Ospenya without making it obvious?
  • What happened to the Amerlyn Seat (Sierin Vayu) that was after Tamara?
  • What happened to Moraine after disobeying Sierin?
  • What happened after word got out that Moraine bonded Lan?
  • What has Lady Edeyn’s reaction?
  • How was Moraine able to continue her search unsuspected? How far had she made it through her book before finding Rand?



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