Lord of Chaos by Robert Jordan

First and foremost! Happy Father’s Day to all the great Dads out there, especially this hard working guy! ❤

Rate: 4.5/5

Medium: Audiobook

Overview (No Spoilers):

What an enthralling journey the Wheel of Time series has been thus far! After completing the Lord of Chaos I’m now 2/5th of the way through this rather lengthy action packed adventure. With each subsequent book I keep anticipating the pace to overcorrect from its break neck progression to dwindle to the crawl of a snail. As of yet, I find myself fully immersed in almost every story arc. Sure Rand’s can get a bit dry and repetitive as he continually has to fight with himself while attempting to be perfect, but his supporting cast makes his brief appearances tolerable. While Jordan’s character list and world building were quite impressive prior to the Lord of Chaos, it must not have been satisfactory to his exacting standards as he continues to pack in new POVs while also introducing new cities much to my detail loving delight. For the first time in this series though I found myself having to really think to figure out who some characters were and where they fit into the larger story. I anticipate this trend will only continue to grow proportionally with the ensuing series installments. Overall, Lord of Chaos was a wonderful continuation of a series that has been highly engaging, having capturing my complete attention. Next in my queue will be the prequel, New Spring as suggested by my fellow blogger Matt Ries.

Additional Insight (Spoilers Abound):

  • How will Morgase get her throne back? How will she escape the clutches of Pedron Niall? When will she realize that Rand doesn’t want her throne? Will she finally hook up with Tallanvor?
  • Does Mazrium Taim really support Rand? Rand has been so hands off with Taim’s school of the channeling men that they likely support Taim over Rand who they don’t even know. Lews Therin goes crazy in Rand’s head every time Taim is in the vicinity. Does he see similarities from his past with some of the Forsaken that betrayed him? Does he see Rand going down a similar path as himself?
  • Rand is stretched so thin but he is neglecting what Mat puts so much effort into. Rand has neglected inspecting Bashiere’s troops at least three times that we know of. Will this come back to bite him?
  • It is bizarre to me that Egwene was selected Amyrlin Seat. Sure I can buy the explanation but it doesn’t quite add up to this extreme path that the Aes Sedai chose, especially when they have been so standoffish to Egwene’s peers in Elayne and Nynaeve.
  • Will Elayne and Nynaeve find what they seek in Ebou Dar?
  • Who freed Moghedien? How does she have the power that she does?
  • Nynaeve cured Sujuan, Logain, and Leane! Will she be able to fully cure the two Aes Sedai? Will Logain seek out Rand after his escape? How will Nynaeve break her block?
  • Why do the Wise Ones like Berelain so much?
  • What other wonders will Rand’s school churn out?
  • Why was there so much secrecy surrounding Lan’s return?
  • Why was Herid Fel killed?
  • I totally saw it coming that the servant girls were Aes Sedai! It was so brutal when Rand was captured! What lessons will he learn from this?
  • Who and why is someone putting in so much of an effort to kill Mat?
  • It was so infuriating when Alanna Bonded Rand without his permission? What will Elayne say? Whose side are they (Veran and Alanna) on?


  1. Your reviews of the series have pushed me to admit that I need to read it. Another long list of books added to the TBR pile… lol

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