Of Blood and Bone by Nora Roberts

Rate: 4/5

Medium: Kindle

Overview (No Spoilers):

Roberts expands her magical, dystopian world in Of Blood and Bone, albeit with the story starting back up thirteen years in the future. While many of our favorite characters still play major roles in the second installment of the Chronicles of the One trilogy, we are reintroduced to grownup versions of infants who made their debut within the pages of Year One and new characters who were born during the intervening years. Much of this read was focused upon the development emotionally, physically, and magically for young Fallon. This entire read moved pawns toward the upcoming war of dark against light, however Roberts managed to avoid the second book slump often associated with trilogies by keeping every chapter action packed, with key mysteries revealed throughout. Thankfully, there were plenty of tidbits strategically withheld from the reader to keep book three eagerly anticipated. My favorite aspect of this read was Fallon’s time during training, as we saw her character evolve beyond childish whims and embrace her role as The One, along with the quests that Mallick assigned her. Additionally, I thoroughly enjoyed the chapters surrounding New Hope, especially with the cliffhanger Year One had left us with concerning this small town. Overall, Of Blood and Bone managed to significantly position pawns and add new dynamic characters for the final large war, in an effortless manner that kept the reader engaged throughout this quick read.

Additional Insight (Spoilers Abound):

  • Will book three have a two year jump to when Duncan returns or focus on their time apart?  I wanted to like Duncan so badly, but became annoyed of his bad boy persona.
  • I was totally blindsided by Petra being Eric and Allegra’s daughter. Great twist!
  • Family support was a major theme throughout this second book of the series, much as it was discussed in the book one. I find myself dreading the deaths that have to be looming in the future of our characters and the heartbreak that will ensue.
  • Mallick’s POVs were some of my favorite as we witnessed the pressure he felt while training The One. I want to know more of his long history!
  • I loved going back to New Hope and seeing how everyone had changed or evolved throughout the years. It made my heart so happy that Fred and Eddie were a couple with lots of kids.


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