Secret Pizza Party by Adam Rubin and Daniel Salmieri

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Overview: When a children’s book combines raccoons and my favorite food, pizza, how can the result not be delectable! In this cute tale, a mischievous raccoon plots to get his most beloved food, pizza. I initially hesitated purchasing the Secret Pizza Party for Parker’s birthday, bowing to the guilt of potentially being the ‘Bad Aunt’ upon reading Amazon reviews in which parents spewed revulsion on the concept of this story due to the ‘secret’ and ‘stealing’ aspects. However, once the Secret Pizza Party received glowing recommendations from my fellow bloggers, I decided to purchase this cute little tale of scheming. While I fully acknowledge that I do not have children of my own, I puzzle over why can’t a story just be enjoyed as a story? Perhaps my perspective will change if I ever have little tots running around and whose mind I’m trying to shape by the sheer force my own will. With that being said, the Secret Pizza Party was an entertaining quest of a rascally raccoon seeking his heart’s desire against impossible odds. Perhaps that should be the moral we take away from this story, to never give up, instead be ultimately innovative, ingenious, and resourceful when pursuing your dreams.


  1. We loved this book in my house. Guess I never though of the stealing aspect, and neither did my kids. It was a silly, fun book that helped them develop a love for reading.

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    • I’m glad you guys liked this book too! 🙂 So cute! I was so surprised when reading Amazon reviews on what caused readers to give children’s books bad reviews. For example, Dragons Love Tacos had a fair amount of one star reviews centered around the book using the word ‘hate’ to describe how dragons like salsa. It just seems picky to me.

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      • Dragons Love Tacos is an awesome book! We love it at our house, too. Another fun, silly book that keeps my daughters giggling and wanting more. Don’t get the negativity to the books. But, it’s Amazon, so takes all kinds.

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